“In my paintings I try to express our so called “other world”, our deep instinctive nature, our longing for spirituality and our need to unite these two worlds, the invisible with the visible, our dreams and life’s realities.”

Birgitta Kumlien-Nyheim (born 1942, citizen of Norway) is an established fine artist and abstract painter. Her paintings have been exhibited over the last decades in Europe and North America. Her work is strong and has a bold expressive quality combined with fine sensitivity. She currently lives and works in Italy and Norway.

Birgitta received a Bachelor of Arts in modern languages at the University of Stockholm, a diploma at L’Accademia delle Belle Arti in Rome, and a degree at the University of Oslo in Art history. In her adult life she lived in Japan, Norway, Italy, Spain and Canada. This international exposure has brought forth the rich expressive quality of her paintings.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Galleri Kampen (Oslo, Norway) in 2002, 2004, 2006, 2009; Hurum Kunstlag (Holmsbu, Norway) in 2007; Christianssands Kunstforening (Kristiansand, Norway) in 2006; Fundacion Colegio del Rey, Casa de la Entrevista, Alkala’ de Henares (Madrid, Spain) in 2001; Galeria Edurne (Madrid, Spain) in 1999; Clockworthy Art Centre (Belfast, Northern Ireland) in 1997; Ormond Gallery (Dublin, Ireland) in 1996; Palazzo Ruspoli (Rome, Italy) 1993; La Galerie Rodrigue Le May (Ottawa, Canada) in 1990; and Oslo Kunstforening (Oslo, Norway) in 1987.

Birgitta Kumlien-Nyheim is a member of BONO - Norwegian visual artists Copyright Scoiety

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